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On this page you can view the Predictions rules for the World Cup, then you can select the links down the left to view the fixtures, check up on the tables as the tournament progresses or enter the game with the entry form link. To have a go just click the link on the left to download the page, complete the form, save it to file and e-mail it back to

o      Complete your predicted scores for all games & Half Time if that too is called for

o      You earn points depending on the result of each match – Points System below
Points below based on result Norwich 2 Brentford 1

·         Result & scores correct - Norwich 2 Brentford 1                                                                       6 Pts

·         Result correct; margin of victory correct – Norwich 3 Brentford 2                                        3 Pts

·         Result correct; margin of victory incorrect – Norwich 5 Brentford 2                                     1  Pt  

·         Result incorrect, no score correct – Norwich 0 Brentford 2                                                    0 Pts

o      For any prediction you miss on any given day you will get a void result and get zero points. 

Extra Time (Later Rounds Of Cup Matches)

o      This is a simple question, do you think it will go to extra time or not so you just select YES or NO from the prediction entry – Points System below

·           Your prediction is correct                                                                                                                       6 Pts

·           Your prediction is incorrect                                                                                                                   0 Pts

Penalties (Later Rounds Of Cup Matches)

o      You are now faced with a penalty prediction where both teams will be available for selection. By choosing one of the teams you are predicting the match WILL go to penalties and your selection will win on penalties. If you delete both countries you are choosing the game will NOT go to penalties – Points System below

·           Your prediction is correct (either correctly predict the penalty winners or no penalties)        6 Pts

·           You choose a penalty winner and the other team wins on penalties                                            3 Pts

·           Your prediction is incorrect (unless it falls into the 2nd category above)                                      0 Pts


First or Last Goalscorer (Later Rounds Of Cup Matches)

o      This prediction is about choosing which player you think will score the first and last goal in the match or indeed you can choose none if you think the game will be a 0-0 draw. Own goals do NOT count – Points System below.

·           Your FIRST Goalscorer scores the FIRST goal                                                                                      6 Pts

·           Your LAST Goalscorer scores the LAST goal                                                                                        6 Pts

·           Your FIRST Goalscorer scores the LAST goal                                                                                       3 Pts

·           Your LAST Goalscorer scores the FIRST goal                                                                                       3 Pts

·           Your predicted Goalscorer scores at any other time i.e. NOT first or last goal                            1  Pt

·           Your predicted Goalscorer doesn’t score at all                                                                                  0 Pts

o      If you miss any prediction on Extra Time, Penalties or Goalscorer then you get 0 points.

Double Points

o      The last week of any phase will net double points to give everyone a chance to catch up.