All the prizes made available to the competition once all the entries are finalised are posted below. The competition listings and the prizes that correspond to them will be here from the first day of the season August 13th.

The prizes on offer will be found below, last season there were a massive FIFTY SEVEN prizes up for grabs with FOURTEEN of them giving you the opportunity to win your entry fee back or more !!

For now you can see what the prizes were last season with 32 sides entered: -

The Ultimo Fantasy Championship
1st 32.00  
2nd 18.00  
3rd 14.00  
4th 13.00  
5th 12.00  
6th 11.00  
7th 10.00  

The Berkleys Premiership (All 5 Phases)    
1st 10.00    
2nd 4.00    

The Sky High Bet Championship (All 5 Phases)
Whippet North Division  
1st 4.00    
2nd 2.00    
Cockney Saarf Division  
1st 4.00    
2nd 2.00    

The Mickey Mouse Cup
Win 8.00    
R/U 4.00    

The Grampians League
Win 16.00    
R/U 8.00    

The New-Ropey Cup
Win 4.00