Here's a full description of the different leagues available in this season's MSFFL. To view each table in detail just follow the links on the left

Two Overall Leagues

Overall League
EVERY point scored from start to finish WILL count towards the overall league total with winners obviously being the oneís that perform the best consistently throughout the 9 months of the campaign. Prize Money is below: -

Prize money can be found on the prizes page.

Mini Leagues
These consist of several smaller leagues that will be contested over a set period of five/ six weeks, followed by one week for Play Off games. The actual dates of these are posted on the website already along with the initial line-ups which were decided by where teams finished last seasonís final phase and date of new entries.
Anyone finishing in the top TWO of each mini league will claim a monetary prize, and obviously the higher the division then the higher the prize. Any divisions below the Premiership will, along with monetary prizes, carry with it promotion as the top two will automatically go up with teams directly outside the top two contesting in Play Off week against each other to also get promoted. As there are sides being promoted we also have to have sides relegated so if you finish in the dreaded relegation zone of the Prem then you will drop down a level.
Prizes on offer for each phase are detailed below: -

The Berkley's Premiership: 14 Teams
This will run for five separate campaigns within the season dates page giving several chances for winning prizes page and gaining promotion. There will be FOURTEEN sides in the top flight with the top two getting a prize whilst the bottom SIX sides will be relegated into the Championship level.

The Sky High Bet Championships:
Comprising of: -
Whippet North Division: 9 Teams
Cockney Saarf Division: 9 Teams

These will run for five separate campaigns within the season
dates page giving several chances for winning prizes page
and gaining promotion.The Sky High Bet Championships (All 5 Phases) will provide two places in each Division for automatic promotion into the Premiership, along with a prize. Third and Fourth placed sides will compete against each other for the last two promotion spots with third from the Whippet playing fourth in the Saarf and then the third in the Saarf entertaining the fourth from the Whippet. Both tie winners progress into the Premiership for the next phase whilst the two losers stay at the Championship level. Each Championship will be randomly selected at the start of each phase and posted on the mini league main page.

The Play Offs
The play offs are contested as one off ties the week after the period of mini leagues has finished with the better placed sides playing the worst placed i.e. The side in third playing the opposite Division side in fourth. The winner of these one off ties will also get promoted for the following campaign but without financial reward. This is contested using all points gained for the week, Tuesday through to the following Monday, with drawn games seeing the away side progress.